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In a democratic, socialistic and welfare society, voluntary organizations are indispensable to perform a number of functions for the welfare of its members, the development of the country and integration and solidarity of the society and nation, though individuality is positive and natural. We all need other people in our lives and we form alliances with others every day. The main objective of kings way WPF academy is philanthropic as well as social well being charitable, educational , fitness programs like exercises, yoga, games and sports and other activities servicing the public interest or common goal, making kundalin yoga accessible to everyone.

Womens Welfare

In the future we will provide some benefits to the womens who are very poor and giving financial assistance to the poor brides for getting married, training for self employment of women, training on computer operating, womens empowerment programmes, Support to

Students Welfare

Giving educational service to the poor students, But cannot afford the expenses of education, giving financial help to the students by paying the fee, and buying books and other needy things. Giving educational counseling for going to higher studies and

Social Activity

Social Activity mainly prefers to the welfare of people and society and help the people, women and students in each and every manner and help them in each and every situation and encourages and gives them the knowledge about every


Making yoga accessible to everyone. Yoga for  people will go to locations where people may not have regular access to yoga practice. Practicing yoga provides health and mental well-being . We are passionate about yoga making it available for those

Kings Way wpf academy

Kingsway wpf academy is the unique foundation to train the young People in different categories and provide the benefits of sports and to give physical fitness training and to teach the yoga for the mind relief and peacefulness. And we are